*Emergency Hunger Relief for Disaster*

Lions Club of KL Central in Respond to the help at Lions Kitchen located at Bandar Bukit Raja to cook and provided food pack for 500pax for the dinner

The operation begin with inviting Lions Member for the help at Morning 11am, time to respond is short as the cooking need to begin at 3pm and it is amazing that our Lions members respond for it and immediately come for action

With the help from *Ln Cassie, Ln Vincent, Ln James Tio, Ln Jian En, Ln Marilyn, Ln Elaine, Ln Gina* together with the centre helper

The operation begin at 3pm, Ln Cassie as the main chef and others Lions preparing the food and packing

The food we prepare for the local community contain Rice, Sardines fish and vegetables to make sure we can fill their stomach and let them feel the warm during this unfortunate disaster happen

In the other hand, we have invite our *District Governor Ln Tan Teoh Teik Choon* to join our activity and he show up and lend a hand to us despite his busy schedule. He come all the way from Melaka to here to contribute his warm heart

The Food preparation and packing with the help from all, we manage to done all part in the time frame set at 6pm

We than heading to Masjid Bandar Bukit Raja to handover to Mr Zulkifri and he told us that he didn’t sleep this few day just to made sure all the system, volunteers, local community is all well manage despite his 1st time to become the leader to help out in this unfortunate event

During this disaster, at this moment, we truly saw the spirit of One Malaysia in this event, all work together, all helping and take care of each others

An old lady is sitting at the corner and Mr Zulkifri told us to give encouragement to the Aunty and Our DG Lion Tan Teoh give her a warm talking and the aunty is very appreciated what Lions had done to the community

Besides that, when the Rice Pack reach the destination, Mr Zulkifri honestly told us they do not need so much as majority of the community went back to clean the house, they just needed 200pack

Through his honesty and big heart, he arrange the Manpower and a 4 x 4 truck and distribute out to the local community home by home with mineral water and rice pack

Serve with Passion, together we strives

*Date: 20/12/2021*
*Time: 3:00pm – 7:00pm*

Drop off point:
*Evacuation centre*
*Masjid Bandar Bukit Raja*

~ around 1000 affected family in here