Kenny Low Man Fook

Message from
District Governor
Kenny Low Man Fook


I had a dream three years ago to prepare myself for this District Governor job. However, we never thought of the outbreak of a disease that would cause such a great impact to mankind. Neither could I or anyone have imagined and predicted it. And yet everyone has been affected by it, including Lions.

In these unprecedented and challenging times, amidst the post Covid-19 challenges, I want you to know that I am still motivated & confident and I will do my best to lead our beloved District 308 B1. I am doing everything I can to continue the Lions movement in our mission of serving our communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs. However, due to this outbreak, we need to change the ways we do things and the way we serve the community. We need to be more creative to protect the health & safety of the needy & also ourselves.

Thank you so much to all Lions members in this District that had shown so much loving & caring attitude. We noticed that during the outbreak, despite being subject to restrictions in movement control order (MCO), Lions still work with the relevant authorities such as PDRM, RELA & local councils to serve the needy community. Many Lions also came forward to provide face masks & PPE to the frontlines like medical team & PDRM.

We recognize these are the challenging times for many. For those who need to take care of themselves or their loved ones, this is your deserved priority. For those who are still able to help others, this is the time we should step-up and continue to do our part. I urge all Lions who still can afford time, energy & financially to come forward to support the District in our mission to serve the needy. Meanwhile my cabinet team is doing everything possible to control costs of operation while continuing to provide our most efficient support to all Clubs & all Lions. Let us work together as a team to bring our District to a greater height in this fiscal year.

Last but not least, I wish to record my sincere appreciation to all sponsors and donors that supported our District fund despite the cancellation of District Governor Inauguration (DGI) dinner. I also wish to extend my sincere gratitude to all DGI committee members that worked very hard, contributed their valuable time & effort in the publication of this booklet.

Thank you.


Kenny Low

District Governor 2020-2021

District 308 B1 Malaysia




在这史无前例,而且将具充满挑战的新冠肺炎之后时刻,我想让您知道我仍然充满动力和自信并将尽我所能领导我们敬爱的308 B1区。我会尽一切努力,全力以赴,继续我们狮子会的使命,以服务社区,关注人道主义需求,通过狮子会鼓励和平并增进国际之间的了解。但是,经过了这次疫情爆发,我们需要改变我们做事的方式以及为社区服务的方式。我们需要更有创意,以保护社会有需要帮助的人和我们自己的健康及安全。






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