🦁🦁🦁🍱Food to home 2


每一张照片能够存在,真的其实不是那么容易的,背后有OC Selene及许多伙伴的付出,包括了电话联络,筛选询问,购买物资,整理打包,联系派送,过程中经历日嗮雨淋,挨饿忍尿,挨户派送,迷路惊魂。虽然辛劳不在话下,但却乐此不疲!使命必达,心满意足。这就是狮子会的魅力,这就是志工的动力啊!


Activity: Sending supplies to 40 households
Time: August 26, 2021, 9am~8pm
Attended Lions: 6 people, divided into two groups,4 vehicles

It’s really not so easy for every photo to exist. Behind it is the efforts of OC Selene and many other partners, including telephone contact, screening inquiries, purchasing materials, sorting and packaging, contacting and delivering. Starving and peeing, door-to-door delivery, worry lost the way. Although hard work is not a problem, but never tired of it! The mission must be reached and we are always satisfied. This is the charm of Lions clubs, this is the motivation of volunteers!