<Health Services Project 2021>
Date : 17th September 2021
Application for the Kain Kafan from Hospital Ampang for the Covid-19 deceased bodies.
According to Hospital Ampang Ketua Kerja Social Perubatan, Puan Norlija informed that the hospital needs the Kain Kafan to wrap the entire body and all the deceased because of Covid-19, after their body wrapped they will put into the body bag regardless of religion and race follow the SOP infectious disease.
The donation of the Kain Kafan details as stated below:
Material: Tetron Cotton 60″
15 rolls x RM230 = RM3,450
Thank you very much to our donors for supporting the above mentioned project:
1) New Gate Metals (M) Sdn Bhd
2) 楊总
3) Elaine Tay
4) Ong Mei Ling
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