Lions Clubs International 308 B1

The International Association of Lions Clubs, which is also known as the Lions Clubs International, is an incorporated, non-profit organization.

The emblem of the Association consists of a large gold letter “L” on a purple field. The letter “L” stands for Law, Liberty, Labour, Loyalty, Love, Life and Lions. Bordering this is a circular gold area with two conventionalized Lion profiles facing away from the centre. The word “Lions” appears at the top and “International” at the bottom. Symbolically, the Lions face both past and future, proud of the past and confident of the future.

The royal colours of purple and gold were selected as the official colours when the Association was organized in 1917. To Lions, purple stands for loyalty to friends and to one’s self, and for integrity of mind and heart. It is the traditional colours of strength, courage and tireless dedication to a cause. Gold symbolizes sincerity of purpose, liberality in judgment purity in life and generosity in mind, heart and purse to those in need.

The slogan “Lions” carries the meaning “Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation’s Safety”.

The motto is ‘WE SERVE

Ready to join us?

Not everybody is born equal in this world. Some are born with silver spoon and some are not. Some are not only born without any spoon but also need to face life challenges or struggle for basic life survival. That is the reason the world needs kind-hearted individual like you to step forward to make a difference. Your selfless service may seem small at times, but to the people whom you serve it may be a life changing moment. Your smile and your warm touch could leave a lasting impression on them.