Lion Hope Brigade
To all the Lions Hope Brigade Discount Card Holders,
We are glad to hereby announce that Lions Discount Card Holders are now also able to enjoy the Lions Milk Powder subsidy which was launched on 31st Aug 2021. We have enclosed here 3 E-Vouchers for the month of September, October and November 2021 with the value of RM100 per voucher exclusively for you.
You may submit your claims simply by emailing/WhatsApp us your receipts according to the month on the E-vouchers that you would like us to reimburse you. Kindly state clearly the following information in your email/WhatsApp to us.
( or WhatsApp us at +6012 3212658)
1) Receipts of the Milk Powder that you have purchased with the date clearly printed. You may submit to us receipts from any shop in Malaysia.
2) Your Lions Discount Card number.
3) Your name or one of the parent/guardian’s name.
4) Your phone number if you are using E-mail to contact us.
5) Your bank account details (Beneficiary Name, Name of Bank and Bank Account Number).
We trust that this will help to reduce the cost of the milk powder that our card holders are incurring every month. As you are our pioneer card holders to enjoy the Milk Powder subsidy, we hope to seek for your feedback if any, so that we know how to improve ourselves in order to bring more added value to our discount card for your benefit.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries. We hope to be of assistance. Thank you.
Lions Hope Brigade.
Together We Can